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  • No.178 Huafeng Road, Jintan Economic Development
    Zone Jintan City, Jiangsu Province
    Fax: 0519-82680118



    COPYRIGHT ? 2018 Changzhou Tanglong electronics Shares Co.,Ltd.


    About Tanglong


    About Us

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    Changzhou Tanglong electronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture, engaged in production and development of the semiconductor device. Tanglong has the most advanced equipment and technology of diode, takes ISO operations. Through technicians and skilled workers' constant efforts product quality is reliable, and new products are developed constantly.

    The main products include full series of diodes and bridge rectiflers, which are widely used in lighting, power, computers, monitors, communication, daily home electrical appliances.

    Tanglong will follow the direction of "prevention first, continuous improvement, creating fine, the purault of excellence" and provide service for customers in the most competitive price and advanced technology, improve the quality management system to help customers effectively cut costs and improvement.

    Tanglong is willing to cooperate with customers around the world to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.

    Tanglong adhering to the "customer demand that we pursue, the interests of its customers are our Interests," and will continue to provide quality products, good services for you, and strive for common development with you.

    Chinese Tanglong, we always go beyond and creats a better future with you.

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